About us

Hey everyone, and welcome 

My name is Colleen, I am an artisan goat milk soap maker.  My husband and I moved from a small one acre farm in Wyoming to 35 acres on the plains of Eastern Colorado.  We are semi-retired and have always wanted larger acreage to have gardens and raise animals. Besides making soap, I take Dressage lessons and show my home bred horses.  I have loved horses since the 1st moment I saw one and breathed in their magnificent scent. I truly adore all animals and have many. We have a herd of 5 Nigerian Dwarf does, 1 Nigerian Dwarf buck, 3 Mini Nubian does and 1 Mini Nubian Buck.  We love our little herd and have so much fun watching them play and raise their kids! Our goal at Cattail Springs Farm is to bring products to people like us who are looking for ways to stop using as much plastic and chemical filled soap.  Cattail Springs Farm makes soap that is healthy for your skin and the environment.

I am Cierra. I am located on the plains of Eastern Colorado. My family and I just moved here in 2019, from Texas. My husband and I are originally from Wyoming, we have two small children. I started helping Colleen with her soaping business, in January of 2020 I would say that was truly the start of Cattail Springs Farm. One of the many reasons why we started this business is because we wanted to use soap that didn't have all the chemicals that commercial companies use. Another reason is that we wanted to put Goat milk soap out there so that the consumers can pronounce the ingredients and know what they are putting on their bodies. We can't forget that Goat milk is amazing for your skin!